Month: October 2016

Tired of Faulty Staff Reports? Turn to Digital Forms Instead

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If your business has a central location but your staff is on the road constantly, digital work forms for ordering, reporting, and for other information are best. These forms are great if you want to make billing and reporting easier, if you can’t rely on your employees to keep track of all their documents and to turn in all receipts, and if you want to make things easier for your office staff. Here are a few things you want to look for when choosing software for online forms.

Utilize Online Billing
Since your employees are submitting documents and bills online to a server, your clients or customers should also be able to pay their bill online. Look for a software that allows you electronic organization and automatic or online payments, so that your customers can easily pay from their home computer or smart device if needed with a card. This reduces the chances of lost cash or checks.
Get Automatic Efficiency Reports
The software you choose for your electronic forms should provide efficiency reports. These reports should show you what you made on each job, how much you profited each month, which employees are bringing in the most revenue and more. When you have a program that compiles all this information for you it’s easy to see who is the most efficient worker, and where your business is losing money.
Customizable Documents
The documents that your staff needs to fill out online should be customizable, so you can create documents that help your business the most. You should be able to make it so the staff can just click boxes with their fingers on a touch screen and select options, instead of having to type or write a lot. You should be able to work with the software program to create documents that are specific to your business and needs.
If you think your staff would be better at completing their paperwork if they had digital forms on their smartphone or a tablet that were easy to fill out, it’s time to choose a software provider to get started. Once your staff members submit the files you can go through the online server to review everything, to check to make sure all the documents were filled out correctly, and to see what is going on with business and clients. Find the right software program to improve your workers efficiency and production. There are additional resources at ProntoForms, which may help you learn more information.