Month: January 2017

Have a Field in the Traveling Health Care Business? Get Electronic Forms to Improve

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If you are currently working in the home health industry, or you offer mobile medical services, business can be more organized with electronic medical health forms. If your employees have the specific electronic forms app you decide to use, they can send and store information while they’re treating the patient.

Electronic documents make your business more organized, and helps you keep other medical professionals related to the patient up to date. Listed are some features you want to look for when picking a software program.

Main Server Connection

As soon as an employee fills out a form and saves it, the form should be copied to the main company server. With an Internet connection, the document created with the electronic form software or application should have an electronic file that you can pull up from anywhere. This way documents and information doesn’t get lost, and you can send or look at any information at any time. If other medical professional needs to view patient information, latest documents can be sent via email quickly.

Time Saving Codes

The electronic forms app should allow you to create shortcuts, or should have shortcuts for inputting information. You should have codes for body parts, procedures, diagnostic information and more. If you gave a bath and did a dress change, you can have a code for that so you can just type in the acronym instead of having to type in all the details. This makes reporting fast and easy to understand.

Properly Filed Paperwork

If your employees don’t fill out paperwork correctly, handwriting can be difficult to decipher, or they forget to do or report things when they are with a patient, the forms app will help. They will have to go down the form until it’s filled out entirely to submit the information, they will have to type in information or use abbreviations, and everything will be documented neatly and printed.

The electronic forms applications can be downloaded onto tablets, computers and smartphones, so your staff can access their patient’s information easily from anywhere. You don’t have to worry about paperwork, getting destroyed or damaged, and all work is backed up. The app system allows you to monitor where your staff is at, if you can see when documents are being filed, and what patient files are being read at that time. If you own a company in the medical field and you have traveling employees, get electronic form apps to improve business.