Month: April 2017

How Mobile Forms Transform the Way we do Business

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In the current fast-paced world, most people use smartphones for communication, browsing the internet, and business. E-commerce has transformed the way people use mobile forms to go about facilitating their various businesses’ operations across the globe.

1. From paper to mobile forms

There are several applications and services that have made it easier to embrace the processes of small business enterprises SMEs and large corporations. The management tools of these cell phones have successfully surpassed obstacles such as paper forms and other bureaucracies in the process.

Here are some of the reasons why most small and big businesses have adopted mobile forms in order to compliment or replace paper forms in their entirety.

2. Cost-effectiveness

With mobile forms, people don’t have to idle, and that saves a few bucks which translate to increased profits. Unlike in paper forms where you have to cater for transportation costs and creating room for errors due to lost reports, mobile forms offer an efficient and reliable network. You don’t have to travel physically back to the office to file reports. Instead, you can utilize a forms app, which has an inbuilt chat room that reduces reaction time greatly.

3. Boosted productivity

Professionals in various fields can reliably streamline and evaluate their field officers from the comfort of their offices without necessarily having to call them back to the office to make clarifications and changes on their fieldwork reports. That reduces wastage of quality time that can be channeled into focusing on other core areas of the business like production. The field staffs only fill their mobile forms for real-time evaluations and hence boosting the overall productivity of the company.

4. Improved service quality

Since the evaluation of the mobile forms through forms app is faster, customer-facing activities that are related to the data being evaluated get served quickly. The GPS-time-date verified data creates a big difference for your business in the competitive market because it promotes top-notch efficiency.

5. Reduces risks

The cost of losing vital information through paper forms can’t be quantified. A form app in mobile forms guarantees the safety of your customers’ sensitive information. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the risk of being sued for leaking out important identity details that probably your employee misplaced accidentally. The automated reports that the dashboards of the form app provide improves the safety of your information.

The increased usability of smartphones has revolutionized the operations of traditional businesses. With the mobile forms, a business can easily allow its employees to integrate their mobile devices into helpful business gadgets.

6 Reasons Why Using Mobile Forms Is Good For Your Business

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New technology keeps coming up everyday and though we want to stay updated, we find it difficult. Plenty of new ideas and technology solutions are coming into the market these days and it’s hard to decide which solution would actually improve your business to the maximum.

Mobile forms, the next big thing in data collection field, is something that you should really consider. Here are 6 reasons why.

1. They are fast


Gone are the days when people wrote down data on papers and performed calculations manually.  A simple calculation to find out the performance of a plant’s production would take hours! What’s the point in trying to find out key parameters if you’re going to use last week’s data?

Luckily, Mobile forms are here to make that task easier for you! Collecting data and sending them over to your back end can be done at the push of a mouse button and you can them perform your manipulations immediately to get the information you need. How cool is that?

2. They are accurate


Manual data entry can be quite a boring and daunting task. Making mistakes in such work is pretty common, although it is essential that the data we use is accurate.

Using a forms app eliminates the scope for human errors and ensures that the data collected is accurate and transferred to your system properly.

3. They are cheap


It doesn’t really sound plausible if you’re told that using mobile forms can lead to reduced costs. But it’s true!

You can reduce the number of resources you use to enter the data manually, cut the costs of purchasing paper, ink and other required items. This actually saves cost compared to the traditional method!

4. They are safe


It’s easier to safeguard the data stored in your Cloud than to ensure that the paper containing your critical information is not lost, damaged or leaked. Mobile forms provide more safety and security compared to the pen and paper method.

5. They are easy to work with


When your data is already in the form you want, using it for making business decisions or identifying your workforce’s strengths  can be easy. On the other hand, if all your data is on paper and you’ve to go analyze everything, it can prove to be extremely difficult. Using mobile forms lets you play with the data collected in a way that is quick, efficient and easy.

6. They’re good for the environment


Last, but importantly, think of all the trees you’ll be saving. By reduced consumption of paper, you’re not only improving your business, but also doing your part for the environment!

Mobile forms can be extremely good for your business and using these mobile form apps will definitely be a wise decision.