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How Mobile Forms Transform the Way we do Business

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In the current fast-paced world, most people use smartphones for communication, browsing the internet, and business. E-commerce has transformed the way people use mobile forms to go about facilitating their various businesses’ operations across the globe.

1. From paper to mobile forms

There are several applications and services that have made it easier to embrace the processes of small business enterprises SMEs and large corporations. The management tools of these cell phones have successfully surpassed obstacles such as paper forms and other bureaucracies in the process.

Here are some of the reasons why most small and big businesses have adopted mobile forms in order to compliment or replace paper forms in their entirety.

2. Cost-effectiveness

With mobile forms, people don’t have to idle, and that saves a few bucks which translate to increased profits. Unlike in paper forms where you have to cater for transportation costs and creating room for errors due to lost reports, mobile forms offer an efficient and reliable network. You don’t have to travel physically back to the office to file reports. Instead, you can utilize a forms app, which has an inbuilt chat room that reduces reaction time greatly.

3. Boosted productivity

Professionals in various fields can reliably streamline and evaluate their field officers from the comfort of their offices without necessarily having to call them back to the office to make clarifications and changes on their fieldwork reports. That reduces wastage of quality time that can be channeled into focusing on other core areas of the business like production. The field staffs only fill their mobile forms for real-time evaluations and hence boosting the overall productivity of the company.

4. Improved service quality

Since the evaluation of the mobile forms through forms app is faster, customer-facing activities that are related to the data being evaluated get served quickly. The GPS-time-date verified data creates a big difference for your business in the competitive market because it promotes top-notch efficiency.

5. Reduces risks

The cost of losing vital information through paper forms can’t be quantified. A form app in mobile forms guarantees the safety of your customers’ sensitive information. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the risk of being sued for leaking out important identity details that probably your employee misplaced accidentally. The automated reports that the dashboards of the form app provide improves the safety of your information.

The increased usability of smartphones has revolutionized the operations of traditional businesses. With the mobile forms, a business can easily allow its employees to integrate their mobile devices into helpful business gadgets.

6 Reasons Why Using Mobile Forms Is Good For Your Business

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New technology keeps coming up everyday and though we want to stay updated, we find it difficult. Plenty of new ideas and technology solutions are coming into the market these days and it’s hard to decide which solution would actually improve your business to the maximum.

Mobile forms, the next big thing in data collection field, is something that you should really consider. Here are 6 reasons why.

1. They are fast


Gone are the days when people wrote down data on papers and performed calculations manually.  A simple calculation to find out the performance of a plant’s production would take hours! What’s the point in trying to find out key parameters if you’re going to use last week’s data?

Luckily, Mobile forms are here to make that task easier for you! Collecting data and sending them over to your back end can be done at the push of a mouse button and you can them perform your manipulations immediately to get the information you need. How cool is that?

2. They are accurate


Manual data entry can be quite a boring and daunting task. Making mistakes in such work is pretty common, although it is essential that the data we use is accurate.

Using a forms app eliminates the scope for human errors and ensures that the data collected is accurate and transferred to your system properly.

3. They are cheap


It doesn’t really sound plausible if you’re told that using mobile forms can lead to reduced costs. But it’s true!

You can reduce the number of resources you use to enter the data manually, cut the costs of purchasing paper, ink and other required items. This actually saves cost compared to the traditional method!

4. They are safe


It’s easier to safeguard the data stored in your Cloud than to ensure that the paper containing your critical information is not lost, damaged or leaked. Mobile forms provide more safety and security compared to the pen and paper method.

5. They are easy to work with


When your data is already in the form you want, using it for making business decisions or identifying your workforce’s strengths  can be easy. On the other hand, if all your data is on paper and you’ve to go analyze everything, it can prove to be extremely difficult. Using mobile forms lets you play with the data collected in a way that is quick, efficient and easy.

6. They’re good for the environment


Last, but importantly, think of all the trees you’ll be saving. By reduced consumption of paper, you’re not only improving your business, but also doing your part for the environment!

Mobile forms can be extremely good for your business and using these mobile form apps will definitely be a wise decision.

Preliminary Steps to Follow When Creating a Forms App

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The development of a forms app can dramatically improve your business in several ways. For example, the app can enhance the customer experience, increase efficiency with your team, decrease bottlenecks in your operational processes and more. Before you can enjoy these benefits, you will first need to design and implement your forms app. If you are preparing to walk through the design process, follow these initial steps to get the process started on the right foot.

Brainstorm Required Information Needed on the Form
The last thing you want is to spend time, effort and financial resources creating a form that is not fully effective for all of your needs. You may already have a paper document that you wish to transfer into a mobile format. If not, brainstorm all of the information that you need or want on the form. A smart idea is to seek collaboration and recommendations from the staff members who will most commonly work with the form as they may have some great ideas to improve efficiency and processes.

Consider Ways to Consolidate Data
After you have brainstormed the data that you need to include on your form, you may have a lengthy list of items. This can create a very long and burdensome form for your customers to complete. Some customers may even be turned away from doing business with a specific company if they are requesting too much information up-front. With this in mind, it is wise to look for ways to consolidate data. If you have a lengthy form, you may even break the form up into two documents.

Select Your Form Design Software
The development of a mobile form app can be completed by an IT professional, but there is typically great cost associated with this. An alternative is to use specialized software programs that have been designed specifically for this type of application. These are generally easy-to-use programs that have drag and drop or insertion functionality. The size of the form fields can be adjusted, and you can use radio buttons, check boxes and other features as desired on the form as well. Compare the features of these programs carefully so that you make the best buying decision for your current and future needs.

A forms app can transform your business in several ways, and you may even have a need to develop multiple apps for different functions. You understandably want the forms app to be as effective as possible for your customers and your team to benefit from. By following these helpful steps, you can create a great plan for your app that can help you to walk through the rest of the design process.

The Practical Business of Using Mobile Form Apps

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Filling out information by hand is tedious and laborious. You want to make the difficult tasks simple for your customers, employees and yourself. Mobile form apps are made for the total convenience of your mobile customers. Learn more about why more businesses should invest in the forms app.

Types of Mobile Forms

Turn any type of paper form into an online form. Some businesses hire contractors and need them to download and fill out business forms. Other companies sell products on their websites and need customers to fill out order forms. With customer accounts, the fields are pre-filled with personal information every time they make new purchases. Overall, mobile forms make it easier and more practical for everyone to do business.

Types of Businesses That Benefit

All types of business benefit from using the mobile app. Millions of business use websites to promote products to their Internet-minded customers. You are better able to improve manager-customer relations with the use of mobile app forms. Have your customers fill out surveys online and receive the results within minutes. Find it easier to host contests and provide free incentives to your most loyal buyers. Over time, with the help of a website, more people will be interested in your company and leave positive reviews.

Any type of business that wants to improve every aspect of doing business should invest in mobile forms. The work of installing the app is easy and all you need to start is a website.

Types of Mobile Form Apps

Most apps are designed for serious businesses with mobile customers; however, many app users are individuals without businesses. Everyone has a different opinion about what makes the best form builder app. The main feature to look for is variety. Find an app that lets you choose the precise number of fields and categories you need.

There is no best software program because not all features are found in one builder. You are encouraged to learn more about the different features available and then make a list of the ones you need. If you read the customer reviews, find it easier to choose the right tool.

To transition your business from paperless to mobile, you need form app. Collect data from thousands of additional customers and make it easier for them to make new purchases. Most forms are interactive with the option to upload images and another option to create signatures by finger. Find the apps that allow you to connect more with the mobile audience.

Have a Field in the Traveling Health Care Business? Get Electronic Forms to Improve

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If you are currently working in the home health industry, or you offer mobile medical services, business can be more organized with electronic medical health forms. If your employees have the specific electronic forms app you decide to use, they can send and store information while they’re treating the patient.

Electronic documents make your business more organized, and helps you keep other medical professionals related to the patient up to date. Listed are some features you want to look for when picking a software program.

Main Server Connection

As soon as an employee fills out a form and saves it, the form should be copied to the main company server. With an Internet connection, the document created with the electronic form software or application should have an electronic file that you can pull up from anywhere. This way documents and information doesn’t get lost, and you can send or look at any information at any time. If other medical professional needs to view patient information, latest documents can be sent via email quickly.

Time Saving Codes

The electronic forms app should allow you to create shortcuts, or should have shortcuts for inputting information. You should have codes for body parts, procedures, diagnostic information and more. If you gave a bath and did a dress change, you can have a code for that so you can just type in the acronym instead of having to type in all the details. This makes reporting fast and easy to understand.

Properly Filed Paperwork

If your employees don’t fill out paperwork correctly, handwriting can be difficult to decipher, or they forget to do or report things when they are with a patient, the forms app will help. They will have to go down the form until it’s filled out entirely to submit the information, they will have to type in information or use abbreviations, and everything will be documented neatly and printed.

The electronic forms applications can be downloaded onto tablets, computers and smartphones, so your staff can access their patient’s information easily from anywhere. You don’t have to worry about paperwork, getting destroyed or damaged, and all work is backed up. The app system allows you to monitor where your staff is at, if you can see when documents are being filed, and what patient files are being read at that time. If you own a company in the medical field and you have traveling employees, get electronic form apps to improve business.

The Simple Solution to Making Digital and Mobile Work Forms for Your Customers

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Every business needs to make forms at some point. To give out your unique product or service, you need customers to fill out their information on forms. Many of them are already hooked on smartphones and tablets. You need a forms app to make it easy for your mobile customers to view your website. Learn more about the features of digital and mobile work forms that are beneficial for many businesses.

Ease of Use

Digital work forms are easy to make and use. Find software that allows you to create as many forms as you want on a simple interface. View sample forms and choose from hundreds of templates to help you get started.

Use automated tools to shorten your workload from days to minutes. Work on forms offline without needing an Internet connection. The process looks harder than it is – you do not need programming or HTML experience at all.

You could run a car insurance company that serves tens of thousands of customers online. You need online quote forms that everyone finds easy to understand. You could easily have a database with more than 500,00 records of car makes and models. Alternatively, you could manage a small website that has only a handful of visitors each year. Either way, you should find a program that allows you to create unlimited forms easily and integrate them into your website or mobile app.


Choose the type of work form along with the layout, design, font and many other elements. Incorporate your company’s brand and imagery into the design. Review your forms and integrate the professional finished products into your webpages.

Mobile Device Features

Create mobile work forms for use on various devices, such as Android, iPhone and iPad. Make a forms app to accommodate customers who use their phones on the go. Do not provide mobile apps at all and lose contact with thousands of leads that could turn into loyal, long-term customers.


Find a program with a built-in analytics system. Generate charts and graphs to monitor the success and popularity of your forms.

Creating forms is the way to go paperless. In this technological world, more paperless options are given to people who do not like driving down to business centers and filling out stacks of paperwork. There are many tools available to help you automate and customize your workflows. Take advantage of the technology found at your fingertips and provide this same technology to your clients.

Tired of Faulty Staff Reports? Turn to Digital Forms Instead

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If your business has a central location but your staff is on the road constantly, digital work forms for ordering, reporting, and for other information are best. These forms are great if you want to make billing and reporting easier, if you can’t rely on your employees to keep track of all their documents and to turn in all receipts, and if you want to make things easier for your office staff. Here are a few things you want to look for when choosing software for online forms.

Utilize Online Billing
Since your employees are submitting documents and bills online to a server, your clients or customers should also be able to pay their bill online. Look for a software that allows you electronic organization and automatic or online payments, so that your customers can easily pay from their home computer or smart device if needed with a card. This reduces the chances of lost cash or checks.
Get Automatic Efficiency Reports
The software you choose for your electronic forms should provide efficiency reports. These reports should show you what you made on each job, how much you profited each month, which employees are bringing in the most revenue and more. When you have a program that compiles all this information for you it’s easy to see who is the most efficient worker, and where your business is losing money.
Customizable Documents
The documents that your staff needs to fill out online should be customizable, so you can create documents that help your business the most. You should be able to make it so the staff can just click boxes with their fingers on a touch screen and select options, instead of having to type or write a lot. You should be able to work with the software program to create documents that are specific to your business and needs.
If you think your staff would be better at completing their paperwork if they had digital forms on their smartphone or a tablet that were easy to fill out, it’s time to choose a software provider to get started. Once your staff members submit the files you can go through the online server to review everything, to check to make sure all the documents were filled out correctly, and to see what is going on with business and clients. Find the right software program to improve your workers efficiency and production. There are additional resources at ProntoForms, which may help you learn more information.

How Digitizing Paperwork Can Greatly Enhance Productivity and Efficiency

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For a business that has techs working out in the field day and night, it can be a tremendous hassle to keep track of all of that paperwork. Various documents, HVAC forms, contracts, and other important information can be lost or damaged if it is only kept on paper. This can lead to payment disputes and worse. Therefore, many HVAC service and installation companies have moved their paperwork to the digital realm. This has been shown to have many positive impacts on a business, and ultimately leads to higher profits and less stress.

No More Lost Paperwork

Lost paperwork can be a tremendous hassle for business, and it is a fear that many small business owners have. Moving to storing paperwork in a digital format can remove this fear and allow business owners to do what they do best, which is provide goods and services. An HVAC technician shows up to a job site to do repairs and installations, not to juggle paperwork and keep track of forms. By taking care of the paperwork online, the technician is able to use their time in an efficient manner, cutting labor costs and returning real profits to the business.

Productivity and Stress Reduction

When it comes to on the job productivity, stress can be a major drain. This stress leads to worker turnover, project mistakes, and more. The prudent business owner will take steps and establish systems that keep workers productive and stress-free, since this strategy is best for workers and best for business. Automating paperwork and moving the process online reduces stress for all parties, and keeps work flowing smoothly. The technician is able to focus on their job, and management has a clear trail of records when it comes time to submit the bill.

Online Accessibility

Digital files have another advantage over paper, in that they can be accessed online twenty four hours a day. They can be instantly uploaded and recorded, without the need for a technician to bring them back from a job site. This adds another layer of security and ease to the paperwork process. Additionally, these ease of access can help workers and management quickly view files and address any concerns. When it comes to paperwork and the need for file management, online hvac forms and billing are the way of the future. Your business can say goodbye to lost paperwork, billing disputes and say hello to worker productivity, ease of use and a stress free workplace.